Shirley’s Home Schedule – 1920 South Yorktown Av, Tulsa

November 13  –  Prayer Meeting at 9:30 for our Nation, Government,Family,
Schools, and What God is speaking in this Season for His People!
November 16  –  Home Organization Workshop with Susan and Ann with
All Things Organized.  6:30 to 8:30, $15.00 each – Kitchen Organization
November 18 – Thanksgiving Tea with Shirley – Call for reservations – bring
your own group or special friend or family.  Cost $25.00 each  Time:  2-4pm
Shirley’s Home Phone:  918-747-1130  Room for 12 – Call soon.
Come and sit a spell in the beauty and peace of A Place Called Home!


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A Place Called Home

Home is a four-letter word that is becoming
If you are Dorothy, then your home is in Kansas.
If you are Scarlett, then your home is Tara.
If you are Lassie, then your home is with the
family. As a Christian, then our home is in
Heaven! So, what is the significance of Home
today? Is it a place? Is it only a dream? Is it
a destination that we are all trying to find?
Is it somewhere over the rainbow and we have
to go thru Oz to find it? Is it a dreaded place
where we never want to return? Is it a Norman
Rockwell memory forever imbedded in our
heart and we’ll do whatever it takes to get back
there? Is is a place that we only sing about in
White Christmas…….”I’ll be Home for Christmas
if only in my dreams? ” Is your home a shelter,
a place of peace and welcome that calls out to
you from wherever you are? Or is it a warzone
that you dread having to enter?
Home should not be a four-letter word that is becoming extinct in our
generation. Home was intended to be and remains 1)one’s own place;
2)a place of dwelling (Websters Dictionary). Home is what you choose to
make it. If it is only a place where you hang your hat overnight to sleep and
then get on to the next event; then you are short-sighted. If home is where
you can’t wait until you turn 18 and can remove yourself from it, then you
have missed the moment. If home is where you live alone and never offfer
the invitation to have others join you, then you have chosen solitary confinement – which is never healthy for a human being since God said it is
not good for us to be alone. Will you go on an adventure with me to discover
what Home is or should be? I’ve lived in many dwellings I called home! I
have learned that Home is in my heart and I want to make a home wherever
I find myself to dwell. I don’t know if it is just being a woman and a need to
nest, or if God has truly called me to allow Him to take up residence
within my heart and make His Home on the earth as it is in Heaven? I choose
to believe the latter and believe that it is called Kingdom. It’s up to me to
establish God’s Kingdom on the earth! And it begins in my heart where God
wants to dwell and make a home!! Come along with me and let’s re-discover
what God had in mind for Home! After all, it was His idea all along!
~ shirley staires

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Yes, I am a blogger now!

You know you’re a blogger when your daughter

Sally arrives, sets you up, sits you down in front

of the computer, and says , “Now, Publish Mom!”

So, for all of you waiting at the Stage Door, I’m

about to emerge!  (For whatever that means!)

Is anybody there?  Does anybody care?

Here I come, ready or not!!!

Yes sir, here I come!  Yep, it’s time!  Here I go!

A-one, a-two, a-three……..Yippee!

Hello World……….!

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